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Ep 1 12 Monkeys La Jetee

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The Cinephiliac Lounge
Ep 1 12 Monkeys La Jetee

12 monkeys posterTerry Gilliam’s 12 monkeys written by David Webb, Peoples and Janet Peoples. As the opening credit spell out 5 billion people will die from a deadly virus.  In 1997, the survivors will abandon the surface of the planet. Once again, the animals who ruled the world, James Cole is a prisoner in a post-apocalyptic future of 2035, where humanity lives underground. James Cole is haunted by recurring dreams of his childhood memory, of being in an airport with his family and witnessing a traumatic scene of a very upset and beautiful blonde woman chasing after men who’s ultimately shot. He is offered the chance at a pardon. If he would go back in time to find the army of the 12 monkeys who they believe are responsible for a man-made virus, so that they can get a sample of the pure virus to find a cure for humanity in the future. Chris marker’s La Jetee is a short French film that inspired the 12 monkeys. It is a story of a prisoner in an underground society in the aftermath of world war three, because of his strong recurrent childhood memory of witnessing a traumatizing incident involving a beautiful woman and a man at airport, he’s offered a chance of a pardon if he will be the subject of a series of time-travel experiments into the past, which he has a strong connection to and the future in an effort to reach food, medicine, and energy.

Transcript in case you don’t want to listen

What we watched

La Jetée
12 Monkeys

What we drank

Monkey Shoulder
The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old


12 Monkeys
Le Jetee


The Oral History Of 12 Monkeys
The director and screenwriters of ’12 Monkeys’ look back on the film 25 years later

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  1. This was immensely entertaining! Great choice of films to discuss, and now I need to rewatch both La Jetee and 12 Monkeys (which I was lucky enough to see on a big screen). Fine notes on the libations as well, I may have to go into training to keep up. Bravo all the way around, guys!

    • Pat and Scott

      Thank you for you kind words. We’re glad to hear you enjoyed the podcast. Sorry for the late reply.

  2. Paul J O'Connell

    Congratulations on your premier episode. Loved the discussion. I can’t remember if I saw La Jetee in in film studies with y’all in ’90-’91 or in my final Brooklyn College days in ’97-’98. Anyway 12 Monkeys is one of my favorite movies. I saw it when it came out on sort of a date. I also owned the VHS as well. I agree with a lot of the things y’all said but this in one of those movies where I had a transcendental experience. I’ve had other movie going experiences like this, “Until the End of the World” by Wim Wenders comes to mind. I haven’t seen it in a long time but when I have thought about it, what I recall is an incredible feeling. I don’t think I’ve thought to o much about why other that something really resonated. The love story part, which I totally believed by the way(helpless romantic) or some strong identification with the character or his situation mixed with my obsession with time travel are probably some reasons why. Anyway I’ve actually had this movie in my cue the past few week so now I’m encouraged to watch it next and see if the magic is still there.

    PS you guys should add fart sound f/x

    • Pat and Scott

      Thanks Paul, it’s always good to hear from you and it’s good to know another Brooklyn College Alum enjoyed the podcast. We’re going to take the fart sound f/s under advisement.

    • Mark J Maloof

      Paul, I agree with you in regards to the romance part, I don’t have a problem with. I think it hints at a subconscious feeling between them from being in a time loop, and also they are at a highly tweaked emotional state while on the run. And like you, I’m a fan of time travel fictions and concepts (I think a lot of people are), this film fits perfectly in that genre.

      I’m planning a re-watch myself, interesting in these pandemic times.

  3. Mark J Maloof

    Really enjoyed the maiden voyage of this podcast. How nice that it started out with one of my very favorite films (which, interestingly, also references one of my other very favorite films, Vertigo). Keep up the good work, and I’m really looking forward to what you two are going to tackle on future podcasts (you both work very well together, by the way).

    • Pat and Scott

      Thanks for your kind words, look for our next episode in a few weeks.

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