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Writers, Directors and Producers who are American.

Ep 3 The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Cinephiliac Lounge
The Cinephiliac Lounge
Ep 3 The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Outlaw Josey Wales Josey Wales, a Missouri farmer, is driven to revenge by the destruction of his home and the murder of his wife and young son by a band of plundering Union militants from Kansas known as the Redlegs, led by the despicable and sadistic Captain Terrill.
He winds up joinjng a band of confederate Missouri guerrilla fighters and forges a reputation as a legendarily fast and fearless gunfighter. At the end of the war, Josey’s friend and superior, Captain Fletcher, persuades his men to surrender, having been promised by Union Senator James Lane that they will be granted amnesty. Wales refuses to surrender, and as a result, he and a wounded young recruit named Jamie are the only surviving witnesses to the betrayal and massacre of the surrendering men by Senator Lane and the Union army. In retaliation, Josie manages to use a gatling gun to kill many of the soldiers and redlegs in the camp before they escape.
Lane convinces Fletcher to assist Capt. Terrill and his men in catching and killing Wales and puts a $5,000 bounty on his head. Now officially an outlaw, Josey is doggedly pursued by the Union Army and bounty hunters as he tries to flee to Texas. Despite his desire to never get too close to anyone ever again, he winds up saving and reluctantly adopting a new family of ragtag outcasts and underdogs along the way. They include an old Cherokee man named Lone Watie, a young Navajo woman named Little Moonlight, a mangy redbone hound; a cantankerous old woman from Kansas named Grannie Sarah, and her granddaughter Laura Lee. In the films finale, The Redlegs launch a surprise attack on the ranch left to Grannie Sarah by her deceased son that the outcasts have made their new home and Wales has a final bloody showdown with their leader, Captain Terrill, to avenge his family.

What we watched

The Outlaw Josey Wales

What we drank

Buffalo Trace

Knob Creek

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Twelve Monkeys

We have a winner and it has been added to our Random quote section! Thank you for voting for your favorite quote!”

12 Monkeys

  • "Hey, I'm the innocent victim here. I was attacked by a coked-up whore and a, a fuckin' crazy dentist!" - Wallace (50%)
  • "The freedom for Animals Association on Second Avenue is the secret headquarters of the Army of the Twelve Monkeys. They are the ones who are going to do it. I can't do anymore. I have to go now. Have a Merry Christmas!" Dr. Kathryn Railly (30%)
  •  "It's just like what's happening with us. Like the past. The movie never changes. It can't change, but every time you see it, it seems different because you are different. You see different things" James Cole (10%)
  • "There's the television. It's all right there. All right there. Look, Listen, kneel, pray. The commercials! We're not productive anymore. Don't make things anymore. It's all automated. What are we for then? We're consumers, Jim. Okay, okay. Buy a lot of stuff, you're a good citizen. But if you don't buy a lot of stuff, what are you then? What? Your mentally ill." Jeffrey Goines (10%)
  • "Ah, fuck the bozos!" Jeffrey Goines (0%)
  • "There's no right, theres no wrong, there's only popular opinion." - Jeffrey Goines (0%)
  • "No, I shit you not. Life is really weird. A monkey and a roast beef sandwich" - Agent No. 1 (0%)
  • "Stocks! Bonds! Purchase! Sell! Yes! No more Monkey Business!" - Jeffrey Goines (0%)
  • "Proliferation of atomic devices, uncontrolled breeding habits, pollution of land, sea, air, the rape of the environment. In this context, isn't it obvious that Chicken Little represents the sane vision, and that Homo Sapien's motto of "Let's go Shopping" is the cry of the true lunatic?" - Dr. Peters (0%)
  • "She's not honey babe. She's a doctor. My psychiatrist. Understand?" - James Cole (0%)
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Ep 1 12 Monkeys La Jetee

The Cinephiliac Lounge
The Cinephiliac Lounge
Ep 1 12 Monkeys La Jetee

12 monkeys posterTerry Gilliam’s 12 monkeys written by David Webb, Peoples and Janet Peoples. As the opening credit spell out 5 billion people will die from a deadly virus.  In 1997, the survivors will abandon the surface of the planet. Once again, the animals who ruled the world, James Cole is a prisoner in a post-apocalyptic future of 2035, where humanity lives underground. James Cole is haunted by recurring dreams of his childhood memory, of being in an airport with his family and witnessing a traumatic scene of a very upset and beautiful blonde woman chasing after men who’s ultimately shot. He is offered the chance at a pardon. If he would go back in time to find the army of the 12 monkeys who they believe are responsible for a man-made virus, so that they can get a sample of the pure virus to find a cure for humanity in the future. Chris marker’s La Jetee is a short French film that inspired the 12 monkeys. It is a story of a prisoner in an underground society in the aftermath of world war three, because of his strong recurrent childhood memory of witnessing a traumatizing incident involving a beautiful woman and a man at airport, he’s offered a chance of a pardon if he will be the subject of a series of time-travel experiments into the past, which he has a strong connection to and the future in an effort to reach food, medicine, and energy.

Transcript in case you don’t want to listen

What we watched

La Jetée
12 Monkeys

What we drank

Monkey Shoulder
The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old


12 Monkeys
Le Jetee


The Oral History Of 12 Monkeys
The director and screenwriters of ’12 Monkeys’ look back on the film 25 years later

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Happy 78th Birthday Martin Scorsese

Vote on your favorite Martin Scorsese Feature Film (so far)

  • Goodfellas 1990 (25%)
  • Kundun 1997 (25%)
  • Taxi Driver 1976 (13%)
  • Raging Bull 1980 (13%)
  • After Hours 1985 (13%)
  • The Aviator 2004 (13%)
  • Who's That Knocking at My Door 1967 (0%)
  • Boxcar Bertha 1972 (0%)
  • Mean Streets 1973 (0%)
  • Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 1974 (0%)
  • New York, New York 1977 (0%)
  • The King of Comedy 1982 (0%)
  • The Color of Money 1986 (0%)
  • The Last Temptation of Christ 1988 (0%)
  • New York Stories (Life Lessons) 1989 (0%)
  • Cape Fear 1991 (0%)
  • The Age of Innocence 1993 (0%)
  • Casino 1995 (0%)
  • Bringing Out the Dead 1999 (0%)
  • Gangs of New York 2002 (0%)
  • The Departed 2006 (0%)
  • Shutter Island 2010 (0%)
  • Hugo 2011 (0%)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 (0%)
  • Silence 2016 (0%)
  • The Irishman 2019 (0%)
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