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Vote for your favorite quote – Birds of Prey

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Birds of Prey

  • Six bucks for tap water with a f**king cucumber stick in it? That’s crazy. I’m not shopping at this store. I’m robbing this store. Consider this your first lesson. Paying is for dummies. – Harley Quin (43%)
  • I’m sorry, kid. And I’m sorry I tried to sell you. That was a d*ck move. For what it’s worth, you made me want to be a less terrible person. - Harley Quinn (29%)
  • It’s not a f**king bow and arrow! It’s a crossbow. I’m not twelve. - Huntress (14%)
  • Okay, I feel like I've just walked in on something I don't give two shits about. This guy's dead, so I'm just gonna get outta your hair. Cool? - Huntress (14%)
  • Luckily for me, I have all my best ideas drunk. - Harley Quinn (0%)
  • I’m telling you, if you want boys to respect you, you have to show them that you’re serious. Blow something up. Shoot someone. Nothing gets a guy’s attention like violence! – Harley Quinn (0%)
  • Psychologically speaking, vengeance rarely brings the catharsis we hope for. – Harley Quinn (0%)
  • Back the fuck up. Get away from me all of you! You, put that stupid-ass Robin Hood piece of shit down! - Cassandra Cain (0%)
  • Kid, if that burrito doesn’t make you sh*t, I don’t know what will. - Harley Quinn (0%)
  • Does she always talk like a cop from a bad 80's movie, or is that just me? - Huntress (0%)
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